Saturday, October 16, 2010

After countless attempts and the recent find and purchase of the Ashley Book of Knots i was successful in my attempts at tying a lanyard knot.

New pattern called "The Lizard Tail"

New pattern "See-Saw"

Finally, success with the monkey fist as well.  Here is one completed with a lizard tail braid, and topped of with a lanyard knot.

The first two ive completed successfully.  The larger is completed with a chain sinnet and ended with a lanyard knot.

New Pattern "The Helix"

Saturday, April 3, 2010

We've been busy!

We havent updated much in the last couple of weeks due to processing many new orders and making some new products so without further delay here is what weve been up to.

We have received a ton of new skull beads in new colors as well.  

These are:

Rose Pink






Cypher Green





Gun Metal


We have begun a new project to offer to you and this is our new knife lanyards.  These are available in all our color choices and available in a round or square braid pattern.

We took some time and did a couple of handle wraps for some friends which came out pretty nice.  This is also available but we have to limit this to our local customers only at the moment.

Check out the pics of some of our buddy band work which has been keeping us very busy.  

We have recieved several new colors of cord that we now have in stock.  These are: 











Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New colors en-route

Just placed a large order today for some new colors of cordage.  Ive got Gray, OD, Multicam, Orange, and Red/White/Blue on the way.  Be on the look out for some new things very soon.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Skull Beads now in stock

We now have a variety of colors of our skull beads.  These can be added to any applicable item we offer.  Just specify color and we will get your item made most ricky tic.  We also have a limited supply of two new cord colors: Rose Pink for the ladies and White for the Frenchmen amoung us.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rifle Sling: Finished Product

I spent several hours over this past weekend creating a rifle sling.  What i ended up was this beauty, a 45" long (including shackles), king cobra weave, coyote tan, beast of a rifle sling.  The sling features heavy duty snap shackles on each end and 86.5 feet of uncut,  non-gutted paracord. Great for hunters who might find themselves in need of a cordage, but wrapped in a compact, easy to carry, and fuctional way.  Enjoy!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

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You can now find the newest info on Paracord Survivalist on Twitter and Facebook.  Just follow the links on the right hand side to join us!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Photos and Product Description

All products are handmade in the USA from 550 ParaCord.

Survival Bracelets:

These bracelets are custom made for orders. Just size your wrist, pick out your colors and we will do the rest. The bracelets can be constructed several different ways. We can utilize one color which will give you approx. 15-20 ft. of uncut cord to use in an emergency scenario. Dual color bracelets will provide you with 7.5-10 ft. of each color. We can also make these with gutted cord for a slimmer, more fashionable look. The gutted bracelets are also lighter and feel less constraining on your wrist or ankle and are our favorite for everyday wear. We can also do these in a wide braid which will double the length of cord, and also increase the width of the bracelet for those who enjoy a more rugged look. We can also make this style of bracelet into a watchband in single and dual colors. Based on our experience watchbands are more comfortable in a gutted form, however we will make these to order however you specify.

Prices are as follows:

Single color bracelets: $12
Dual color bracelets: $15
Single Color Wide Bracelets: $15
Dual Color Wide Bracelets: $17

*All bracelets and watchbands will require a wrist measurement before order can be completed. Watchbands require extra measurements so please email us with your interest and we will happily provide you with all our necessary specifications.

Key Fobs:

Our key fobs can be created in numerous colors and lengths, and we can provide these in either a square or round braid. We do keep handfuls of pre-made key fobs in stock from surplus cord, so if you don’t have a special order shoot us an email and we can happily provide you with a list of our current inventory. Custom orders aren’t a problem, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Prices start at: $3 each.

Buddy Bands:

The buddy band has become one of our best sellers. These simple single strand bracelets are made from a single piece of cord. They are great for everyday wear. We construct these in bulk and can accommodate any of your needs. Colors will depend on what we have in stock, but requests for specific colors can be made, and will be handled as long as we can locate the cord. These can be adorned with standard beads, skull beads, or just left in a simple plain fashion.

Story: A large group of my friends, some of us who had been inseparable for nearly 3 years lost one of our own. As a constant reminder of our love for our fallen comrade, we all wear buddy bands adorned with a black bead. These bands have rarely left the wrist of any of us, his family, and his brothers in arms. A large number of the bands were sold to raise money to help the family of our friend, and we are happy to say several hundred dollars were raised to assist with their needs. In loving memory of Dietrich Adetayo.
If fund raising is what you seek, especially for fallen friends, or our soldiers fighting in distant places, discounts will happily be provided. Contact us with your needs for a quote, and we will make sure to handle your order with speed and care.

Prices are as follows:

Single Buddy Bands: $3
Single Buddy Bands with standard bead end: $3.25
Single Buddy Bands with skull bead: $3.50

*ALL PRICES ON THE BUDDY BANDS INCLUDE SHIPPING! Bulk orders welcome, contact us for more information.


Just like our survival bracelets, our lanyards can be customized to color, length, and size. A multitude of attachments can be added to suit your needs. Have a special request or an idea? We will gladly make every attempt possible to find what you want. As with the key fobs and bands, we have a large number of lanyards pre-made from surplus cord. Contact us for any inventory questions or special orders.

Prices start at: $5 each

Ranger Pace Count Beads:

One of our favorite past times is being outdoors, so we occasionally make items that benefit us when we do what we enjoy. One of these creations was our form of pace count beads utilized by the Rangers and still in use today. These beads will help you keep track of your pace when traversing the back country or just walking around campus at your local college. We can make these on any color of cord, with a large selection of bead types to choose from we can offer you something no one else does when it comes to pace count beads, what you want. We can do these in the standard “daisy chain” fashion with all the beads running vertically on one single vertical piece of cord, or in the style we prefer the “dual line” in which the beads are arrange side by side. Instructions on how to use these beads are provided with your order. Again bulk orders are welcome. Our supplies may be limited at times so don’t hesitate to let us know in advance.

Prices start at: $3 per set and will change depending on what you require. Email us for more information.

Specialty Orders:

At times we have on hand or offer our customers the opportunity to pick up special items fashioned from paracord. These include monkey fist key fobs (which will be in our regular inventory soon), rifle slings, hand wrapped knives, wrapped tools, and whatever else we can accomplish with our down time. These items will be updated as often as they become available. We can take requests; however pricing cannot be determined until we have sorted out the details.


We accept PayPal for all online transactions and we ship via USPS to keep prices low. We will ship to P.O. Box and APO addresses.

A full schedule of our in house appearances will be posted in the near future. We can make your product on site with no waiting.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or to place an order at